Light, delicate and colorful: cotton bow ties are the essential accessories to give elegance and style to summer outfits, characterized by breathable fabrics in pastel shades. Plain or patterned, they are the details that no man can give up. Scopri di più >

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The sartorial accessory made with the best raw materials: the cotton bow tie

Cotton is a textile fiber obtained from the hairs that cover the seeds of the plant; its quality depends on its length: the longer it is, the more shiny, valuable and resistant cotton appears. The fabric obtained from its processing is light and strong at the same time, it is able to protect from heat, it is breathable, it disperses body heat and, consequently, it guarantees a feeling of well-being and freshness even in the presence of rather high temperatures. Moreover, cotton is hypoallergenic and suitable even for the most sensitive skins.

Thanks to these qualities, cotton is ideal for the realization of sartorial accessories not only of high quality, but also pleasant and comfortable to wear, and Graffeo’s cotton bow ties are no less: of an inestimable aesthetic beauty, of an inimitable craftsmanship excellence, they prove to be the best accessories to match with summer outfits, characterized by pastel colors and light textures. They are placed gently on the neck, proving discreet and original at the same time. Perfect for men who want to stand out while maintaining a certain level of elegance.

Cotton Papillon: the best handmade accessory for the summer season

The summer season is synonymous with bright colors and breathable fabrics, just like cotton: the latter is more suitable for less formal and demanding occasions, but still manages to give a refined look to the wearer. The cotton bow tie can be a valid alternative to the classic cotton tie: in the same way, in fact, it can be matched with plain casual clothes to give a touch of originality and personality.

It can range from pastel colors such as pink, yellow, light blue or lilac to micro patterns, through polka dots and stripes to be combined mainly on neutral clothes, in order to break the monotony and brighten the final result. The secret of the perfect outfit is, in fact, just in the choice of colors: on a colored dress, better to evaluate a plain bow tie; on a plain dress, however, you can approach a bow tie patterned that takes up the shade of the dress itself.