For those who love to customize their outfit, focusing on originality but without too many excesses, the plain bow tie is the ideal accessory: suitable for monochrome and patterned clothes, it allows even those who are not very familiar with the color combination to stand out and not go unnoticed. Scopri di più >

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The perfect sartorial accessory for every occasion: the plain color bow tie

Exactly like the solid color tie, the solid color bow tie also turns out to be a versatile, lively and very elegant accessory. Thanks to the uniformity of its colors, it can be the final detail of a sober and formal outfit, capable of making it unique and original at the same time. It is precisely with its simplicity, in fact, that the solid color is able to adapt perfectly to any style, personality and build, giving the wearer an elegant and sophisticated look.

Graffeo’s solid color bow ties, available in many shades, allow for a wide choice: from pastel shades perfect for spring and summer, through warm colors suitable for the colder season, you can customize your look with a splash of color. Perfect for big occasions, especially ceremonies and work contexts, solid color ties are evergreen accessories, indispensable for any man.

Moreover, the quality of the fabrics used for their realization are ideal for those who love to show off fine and luxurious details, capable of giving life to an authoritative and composed, reliable and professional result. Precisely for this reason, the solid-color bow tie is among the first choices of the groom, world-famous actors, successful entrepreneurs who intend to convey all their skills at first glance.

Plain bow tie: a made in Italy accessory synonymous with vivacity and elegance

The bow tie is no longer a formal accessory, to be worn exclusively on celebratory occasions in combination with tuxedos and tailcoats, on the contrary: history has softened the tone, allowing it to be chosen also for less demanding contexts and casual looks. That’s why, even on a daily basis, it is not wrong (and against bon ton) to wear a plain blue, red, yellow or green bow tie combined with patterned suits.

As for ties, even in the case of matching bow ties the same rule applies in terms of colors: the plain model is perfect on patterned suits, in order to obtain a harmonious and balanced result. The pastel shades, the preferred ones during the warmer season, in the pink, green, sky blue, yellow and lilac variants are perfectly matched with linen and cotton suits; the warm and enveloping nuances, such as burgundy, burgundy, bottle green, midnight blue and brown are suitable for winter suits made of wool and cashmere, or on casual looks distinguished by cardigans and sweaters.