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Black Regimental Tie with Gray Black Pied de Poule on Contrast Knot N1865


Black Regimental Tie with White Stripes Art. 4325


Black Tie with Light Gray Stripes Art. 4330


Blue Ceremony Regimental Silk Tie with White Stripes CY3397


Blue Printed Silk Tie with Brown Pattern AN5737

 130,00 156,00

Blue Regimental Silk Tie with Light Blue Pink Stripes 5686

 95,00 114,00

Blue Regimental Silk Tie with Lilac White Stripes 5751


Blue Regimental Tie with Tone-on-Tone Stripes 2618


Blue Regimental Tie with Tone-on-Tone Stripes Green Contrast Knot White Blue Pattern N666


Blue Regimental Tie with White Brown Light Blue Stripes 1004


Blue Regimental Tie with Yellow Beige Stripes Art. 4295


Blue Regimental Wool Silk Tie with Brown Stripes L277


Blue Regimental Wool Silk Tie with Light Blue Yellow Stripes L367


Blue Seven Folds Regimental Silk Tie with Light Blue Brown Stripes 7P6


Blue Striped Regimental Tie Tone-on-Tone with Contrast Knot White Paisley N1843


Blue Striped Silk Linen Regimental Tie 4275


Blue Tie Regimental Tone-on-Tone In Pure Silk


Blue Tie Regimental Brown Micro Pattern White Light Blue Nodo Contrasto Light Blue Brown N679


An accessory with a strong symbolic meaning: the Regimental tie

The Regimental tie is a cross-striped tie with a deep ideological and identifying meaning: originally, in fact, the different colors, combinations and thickness of the stripes indicated the wearer’s belonging to a particular college, regiment or sports association on British soil.

During the course of time, the Regimental tie has undergone a process of democratization that allows it to be worn without any particular restrictions, but still today it is always better to keep in mind the ideals and values that apparently simple stripes are able to evoke in entire generations, especially British ones.

Regardless of its history and its symbolic meaning, the Regimental tie is the must-have striped accessory of male elegance, with strong expressive and versatile qualities that easily adapt to formal and celebratory contexts.

Regimental Tie: the sartorial accessory made with versatile fabrics

The Regimental tie can be worn all year round, both in summer and in winter: for this reason, fabrics such as jacquard silk and shantung are preferred for the warm season and, for the cold season, grenadine wool. Generally, these are versatile fabrics, which can be easily matched according to the occasion: Regimental ties in smooth silk and shades of blue, of extreme elegance, are suitable for important meetings or dinners that require a certain level of formality; models in wool or cashmere, perhaps in more garish shades, are suitable for more sporty looks, under a vest or a sweater.

Regimental tie, the best accessory to wear in any occasion

Matching a Regimental tie is not difficult, just keep in mind two fundamental aspects: the color and the level of formality required by the occasion in program.

As for the color, it is always recommended that the tie picks up at least one shade of the shirt or jacket or that it is complementary. If the accessory is composed of two or more colors, then at least one of them should recall the color of the rest of the outfit and the others should not be overly aggressive or contrasting; alternatively, you can choose complementary colors. You can opt for more original models, but they must accompany discreet outfits so as not to appear out of place. Regimental tie combinations with multiple colors and multicolor jackets should definitely be avoided.

Regarding the level of formality, however, it is possible to follow two paths: a more classic one, which provides for the combination of a Regimental tie with a suit and an elegant plain shirt; a more whimsical and original one, which includes patterns, colors and sizes researched but always within the limits of bon ton.

Finally, those who love more casual chic looks are allowed to match a Regimental tie with a striped shirt, always taking into account colors and sizes.