Protagonists of male elegance together with silk bow ties, satin bow ties are the inevitable accessories in the most formal and refined outfits. Made with a fabric known for its quality and prestige, give the wearer a professional look, nice and classy. Scopri di più >

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Satin bow tie: the made in Italy accessory made with precious fabrics

The main antagonist of silk, satin is a shiny fabric, fine, smooth, uniform and soft to the touch. It has ancient origins and, throughout its history, has always been used for the realization of luxurious accessories destined for the upper classes. Its main characteristic lies in the depth that the folds of its surface are able to give to the final product, making it harmonious and enveloping.

The satin bow ties of Graffeo’s house are fluid in draping, pleasant to the touch, resistant to folds. Once worn, they adapt perfectly to the build of those who have chosen them as the final detail of their outfit, obtaining an elegant, refined and formal result. Just like silk bow ties, satin bow ties can be worn all year round, regardless of the season and climate; they are the ideal sartorial accessories for men who aspire to luxury, prestige, extreme quality and desire an authoritative and professional appearance.

The must-have sartorial accessory for special occasions: the satin bow tie

A valid alternative to traditional satin or silk ties, satin bow ties are the must-have accessories for special occasions. The bow tie, after all, was born as a must-have detail of masculine elegance and, not surprisingly, is perfectly suited to formal dresses and ceremonies. Nowadays, wearing a bow tie instead of a tie is not so unusual, simply choose the best color combination for the occasion.

Satin bow ties are indicated with a tweed jacket, for example, and can also be worn by the groom in blue and pearl gray variants. Also perfect for the father of the bride or the best man, both more “free” in the selection of fantasy. Satin bow ties with polka dots or micro patterns prove to be original on plain suits, since they tone down the extremely sober and formal tone giving a touch of personality to the look.