Giuseppe Graffeo

Our History

It was in 1955 when Giuseppe Graffeo, a salesman in the clothing industry decided to make a step up.
He wanted to engrave his name in the beloved land of Sicily. In his birth town of Alcamo, he set up a small workshop to produce the men's accessories par excellence, “The Tie”.
An unconscious choice.
The industry was dominated by national and international player with high-sounding name and solid positions in the market. However the period was still positive, since the suites for man were highly demanded and the tie is the indivisible accessory.
So the idea was to place the products inside of prestigious boutiques, which are the real benchmark of the industry. This in itself had proved to be a difficult mission, despite the high quality of the products, as the brand was unknown.
But in the difficulties the wit spreads. Giuseppe Graffeo realized he couldn’t win against the Big Brands, but he could overcome them on additional services, those services that big companies cannot provide, working on craftsmanship and products details always more attractive, to make the accessory unique in its style.
He decided to focus on creations and deliveries ad hoc and, by investing and advertising on prestigious and famous national newspaper, the brand begun to be famous and the boutiques started to open the door to his products.
“Graffeo” became an ideal partner, small and fast and so easy to handle. Obviously the work didn’t stop here. The continuous research of the finest silk and wool made the product always more precious.
And “dulcis in fundo” he started to realize the Patchwork Tie, real and truly works of arts. Especially on these products, Giuseppe Graffeo have worked tirelessly, selecting the silk, the fantasies and then the colors cutting manually all the pieces will make this article unique and inimitable.
Entire days spent on the cutting table to give life to extraordinary products. Among its latest creations there is “Mosaic Tie”, a patchwork tie of a rare composition and elegance, where the pieces of the cloth are getting always smaller and, at the same time, the juxtaposition and the final stitching more complex. Of the latter a very few numbered pieces are on sale, only online.
Currently just a few of luckiest have come into possession of one of those ties, but the best is yet to come.
Patchwork and standard Scarves, made in silk or cashmere more luxury papillon for men and children are in the catalogue.
We already know new products are ready to see the lights in the next future from Alcamo to Far and Middle East going to Australia, Usa and North Europe.

Needless to underline that product is Made in Italy or, as Giuseppe Graffeo loves to say, Made in Sicily!